Available Roles

Seeking Singers for Regional Premiere

BGA is seeking two sopranos or high mezzos for their regional premiere of Kate Soper’s Here Be Sirens in July/August 2021 to fill the roles of Polyxo and Phaino in our second cast. Singers must be comfortable with contemporary classical repertoire. **One role to be cast requires intermediate piano skills.** Polyxo requires a range of Ab3 - Bb5, while Phaino requires F3 - Bb5.

Must be located in Colorado or be able to provide your own travel and housing. Pay for this production is a cut of ticket sales.

Interested singers can audition by sending your resume and a video recording of an American aria by FEBRUARY 20th to Corinne Denny at

Working with BGA

Most small opera companies spend the majority of their budgets on space rentals, costumes, sets, orchestras, and rehearsal pianists. Very little tends to go to the singers and directors who are the heart of the productions. We cut out these costs so singers and artistic staff have a chance to make a better wage. Our rehearsal and performance locations are either obtained for free or at very little cost. We have no need for sets as our locations are our sets. Most productions will be set in the present so singers can use their own clothing for costumes. Since most small opera companies can’t afford to hire orchestras at the same level as their singers and we will be in small, non-traditional venues, we will be using piano only. That only leaves our rehearsal pianist and performance rights for modern operas to pay for.  Upfront costs are raised through fundraising and then ticket sales are split between the directors, performers and performance pianist by percentage. This percentage will be agreed upon in your contract. Therefore, singers will be expected to help with online promotion, but will also see a direct benefit in more money being raised and more tickets being sold.

BGA Singer Responsibilities

  • Singers cast with BGA are expected to be off book musically by the first day of rehearsal. Not knowing your music will mean immediate dismissal.  

  • Singers cast in most productions will need to provide their own costumes. BGA will help obtain costume pieces beyond everyday clothing.

  • Singers will be expected to provide and apply their own makeup and style their own hair for “human” characters.

  • BGA singers must be singing-actors, and must be willing to experiment with characters, going beyond “the way it’s usually done.”

  • Singers may be asked to interact unscripted with the audience in character before or during performances.

  • Singers will be expected to help with set up and tear down when needed. 

  • Singers must provide their own scores. Translations will generally be modified and rewritten. These will be sent to you far in advance.

  • Singers must help with online promotion of fundraisers and ticket sales.